New WRR publication: Mission AI. The New System Technology

The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) and the international publisher Springer have published: ‘Mission AI. The New System Technology’. This Open Access book can be downloaded free of charge (as an ebook) or can be ordered as a deluxe hardcover book via the Springer website.

The impact of Artificial intelligence
The WRR states Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be considered a system technology, similar to the steam engine, electricity, the combustion engine and computer. Taking this approach helps to look beyond the issues of the day and instead make long-term recommendations about how AI can be embedded in society. By viewing AI as a system technology, drawing analogies and learning lessons from other similar technologies, it is possible to gain some insight into the impact of AI. At this level, the recommendations are of value to governments in other countries as well.

Springer Book Series: Research for Policy
In this series, we publish internationally relevant studies of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy. Many of the cross-cutting issues that affect Dutch policymaking, also challenge other Western countries or international bodies. By publishing these studies in this international open access scientific series, we hope that our analyses and insights can contribute to the policy debate in other countries.
More information about the Springer Series can be obtained here.

About the WRR
The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) is an independent advisory body for government policy. The task of the WRR is to advise the Dutch government and Parliament on strategic issues that are likely to have important political and societal consequences. More information about the WRR can be obtained here.