Science Advice to Government – Why is it Relevant? 2nd Workshop. 18th March 2021

The panel members will reflect on existing processes, mechanisms and structures providing scientific advice to governments in Europe. In doing so it will discuss how to increase the demand and uptake of evidence generated by these structures, and more in general, in political decision-making. What are the challenges and guiding principles of providing scientific advice to policymakers? Are they evolving with time? Are they different in a context of complexity and uncertainty as illustrated by the Covid-19 pandemic?

18th March 2021 | 9-11am (GMT)

Renzo Tomellini, Head of Unit, Scientific Advice Mechanism, DG Research and Innovation EC
José Manuel MendonçaPresident of the Board of Directors of INESC TEC, President of the National Council of Science, Technology and Innovation (CNCTI)
Peter Gluckman, Chair of the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA)
Carole Mundell, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office FCDO Chief International Science Envoy

MODERATOR: David Budtz Pedersen, Professor of Science Communication and Director of the Humanomics Research Institute in Copenhagen

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